terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2009

US Project

Start as a dream, and everyone wants to live that dream. In one hand we have the perspective of new friends, new kinds of fun, amazing and unbelivebles discovers, maybe the perfect girlfriend for perfects afternoons, all the movies, the car of our dreams and a lot of new histories to tell.
But we have the other hand, and when we look closer we see that our hands is no longer the same as before. We have the sadness for long hours without any perspective, only work, all the girls you want to meet are the same, and don´t worth a dime, we don´t have our afternoons anymore, the nights (when you have them) are empty, your car is broken and the histories you have is hard to tell.
I used to have nights, days, good movies to see, good dreams to dream and everything seems to have a purpose. In These days, I don´t have time even to dream, and the mess I'm in is so big and huge that I'm afraid to lost myself in it.
I wanted to become a writer and a moviemaker, but since I don´t have time even to write in this blog, how can I do something diferent with my life?
I'm in a place with lots of gadgets and toys, video games and Ipods, but everithyng is so empty, so without purpose, that I feel myself sad all the time.
But I have a work, and I need to smile, and I smile all the time...
In the last class the teacher asked us: Why does we want to learn english?
At that time I didn't realize the answer, but now I see: I think is because I really want to go to somewhere (I don´t know where yet), and feel that hope again. I need that something start as a dream again, and the english can help me to be a part of something, as I used do be, when I was in my bed, in my country, with all the answer for all the question lying to me...

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  1. Stenio, I think what you will find is that once you get the answers to one set of questions, more questions arise! Without questions and uncertainty, life would be too boring. Keep working hard. No dream is impossible.